Surprising or not but Apple Cider Vinegar is a great asset in the fight against obesity.

Several human studies show that vinegar can increase satiety, help you eat fewer calories and lead to actual pounds lost on the scale.

For example, if people take vinegar along with a high-carb meal, they get increased feelings of fullness and end up eating 200–275 fewer calories for the rest of the day (1112).

A study in 175 people with obesity showed that daily apple cider vinegar consumption led to reduced belly fat and weight loss (13):

  • 15 mL (1 tablespoon): Lost 2.6 pounds, or 1.2 kilograms.
  • 30 mL (2 tablespoons): Lost 3.7 pounds, or 1.7 kilograms.

However, keep in mind that this study went on for 3 months, so the true effects on body weight seem to be rather modest.

That said, just adding or subtracting single foods or ingredients rarely has a noticeable effect on weight.

It’s the entire diet/lifestyle that counts and you need to combine several effective methods to see results.

Overall, it seems like apple cider vinegar is useful as a weight loss aid, mainly by promoting satiety and lowering blood sugar and insulin levels.

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There are a variety of supplements to chose when it comes to the subject of Memory Focus . Younger people forget things all the time, of course, but for their elders these lapses (the mislaid word, name, key or to-do list) call up the threat of permanent memory loss, as in Alzheimer’s disease, possibly the most feared of all disorders. Naturally, we yearn for a pill to prevent mental decline.

There are numerous dietary supplements marketed to improve memory. All sorts of herbs (notably ginkgo), vitamins and fish oil, as well as countless cocktails of herbs and other ingredients (such as Focus Factor, BrainReload, and Brain Alert), come with more or less blatant claims that they aid memory and mental ability. Here is a rundown of the widely promoted ingredients.

Ginkgo biloba


Huperzine A





Fish oil supplements





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Pomegranate Benefits for Skin:

A healthy skin not only looks beautiful, but also provides a layer of protection against infectious agents. The incredible antioxidant, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties of Pomegranate products encourage radiant and glowing skin. Many cosmetic and skin care manufacturers are now including pomegranate extract in their products. It is incorporated into the skin care products to treat problems like dry skin, age spots, and hyper-pigmentation. An ounce of pomegranate juice or a medium pomegranate provides ample of skin friendly nutrients which ensure that the skin stays at its best.

1. Vitamin E:

Pomegranate contains a high amount of vitamin E, a nutrient very beneficial for maintaining the health of the skin. A cup of fresh pomegranate juice contains 1.8 milligrams of Vitamin E or 14% of your daily recommended value.

Pomegranate is a good source of zinc, a mineral required for healthy functioning of the skin. Zinc regulates the growth of basal cells, the precursor cells that develop into mature skin tissue and assist in wound healing. Zinc also aids to activate super-oxide dismutase, an antioxidant that protects the skin from damage. One medium pomegranate provides 1.1 milligram of zinc, approximately 15% of the daily recommended value.

3. Copper:

Pomegranate contains a decent amount of copper, a mineral needed to produce melanin. Melanin is a pigment, which that gives color to eyes, skin and hair. It also provides natural sun protection to the skin. A cup of pomegranate juice boosts your copper intake by nearly 500 micrograms, about 53% of the daily recommended value.

4. Wound healing:

Several studies have revealed that pomegranate helps to expedite healing. The seeds contain excellent healing properties, which protect the outer layers of the skin and aid in the regeneration of the cells.

Pomegranate also provide an abundance  of other health benefits too numerous to mention. Further research by the reader is required.

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Before we talk about Knee Support Braces , we must know what makes our knees go weak. One can easily hurt themselves while running because the constant strain that your knee has to put up with might be the start of the problem. So, before you even think of  knee support, have a close look at your footwear.

Since the healing needs time, these braces hold the knee tight and in place. While suffering from a ligament injury, you must give enough time for the ligament to heal, and that is why you would need a hinged knee brace. When there is a tear in the anterior collateral ligament, it mostly requires a surgery to repair it, but for the support, you will need the drop lock hinged brace

Prophylactic Braces 

These are the knee supports which protect your knees from getting hurt while you are playing a rough game, mostly football and any game of such an intensity

Rehabilitative Braces

 These are the braces which will restrict the knee from bending or twisting or rather hurting itself, when it was undergoing through the process of healing.

Knee Supporters

These knee supporters are possibly the most sought-after ones, because these are made for those who are suffering from arthritis. 

Functional Braces

The functional knee supports are for those people who have had already hurt their knees and now need some support to get their knees straight.

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Everyone who works out in any capacity wants to get the most out of it. Hence, the introduction of  Preworkout Supplents. Preworkout supplements often contain a mystery blend of ingredients ranging from caffeine to guarana to creatine. But do these supplements work, and are they safe to take? It turns out that these supplements may just change the way you feel while you’re working out. Many of the ingredients in preworkout supplements are intended to give athletes the perception that their workout is supercharged, said Jordan Moon, an exercise physiologist and sports nutritionist at the United States Sports Academy and Concordia University Chicago, and chief science officer at the fitness tracking website

But those physical effects don’t make people bigger, stronger or faster, Moon said.

And although some of these supplements’ ingredients — such as caffeine, creatine and beta-alanine — have been shown to modestly enhance performance in extreme athletes and bodybuilders, they only give people an edge if they are pushing themselves to the limit, Moon said.

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Vitamin C , Vitamin E, Beta Carotene and Zince aer all supplements that have been associated with proper eye health.

So, when a large study called the Age-Related Eye Disease Study, or AREDS, found that people at high risk for advanced AMD lowered their risk of the disease by about 25 percent when treated with a high-dose combination of vitamin C, vitamin E, beta carotene, and zinc, eye health researchers took heed.

However, there is no evidence from this study to suggest that taking nutritional supplements can prevent people who currently do not have vision problems from getting AMD in the future, said Dr. Emily Chew, deputy director of the Division of Epidemiology and Clinical Research at the National Eye Institute, and a lead researcher in the AREDS study.

According to the study, 50 milligrams daily of beta carotene, 500 milligrams daily of vitamin C, 400 international units of vitamin E, and 80 milligrams of zinc were found to be effective doses of each supplement. The common nutrient in most eye health supplements are antioxidants, because oxidative stress, the damaging effects of reactive oxygen and toxins, is implicated in AMD, as it is in most age-related diseases, and in the aging process itself. Researchers suggest that perhaps antioxidants may help slow the progression of vision loss.

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There are two kinds of fat burners being sold on the market today. They are dietary supplements and topical fat burners which are applied to the skin. Fat Loss Creams are applied to an area where you want to loss weight or alter the appearance of the area. Most people are skeptical when it comes to this kind of fat burner.

The market is absolutely full of products of this type. To be honest, most of them aren’t effective and are actually harmful to your body. The ones that you will see here are carefully chosen from the bunch as they are the most used ones. In some cases, which you will see below, a full ingredients list isn’t published, which immediately raises the red flag. You have to read the ingredients list first and then consult with your doctor. If he advises you to go for it, then you should try the product. Most people forget to do so and end up getting sick or worse. So, even the proven ones can be very harmful to you if you don’t use it accordingly or if you use it regardless of what your doctor said. Not all ingredients are 100% tested, however, most of the ingredients that can be found in products mentioned below are pretty common. There are some exceptions though! The feedback coming from buyers also tells the same story. There are both positive and negative comments on whether they are harmful or not, but no severe damages were dealt by products mentioned here. There are negative comments about them, but most evidence suggests that they aren’t harmful.

The list of best fat burners include. 1. Dermacut 2. Slim Diet Patch 3. Lipoderma Ultra 4.AB-Solution Plus 5. Lipo Redux 6. Fat Girl Slim.

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Often recommended by physicians and dermatologists for its ability to improve skins texture and appearance along with the ability to reduce joint pain and other symptoms of aging . Hyaluronic Acid is often prescribed by medical professionals.

The primary way in which HA helps improve appearance of “chronoaged skin” (skin aged due to sun exposure) is by reducing water loss. In fact, one reason that hormone replacement treatments sometimes cause the skin to look more youthful and less sun-damaged is because they increase the skin’s HA concentration. (1)Researchers have found that stratum corneum dryness caused from prolonged sun exposure plays an important role in wrinkle formation. Although most research shows that HA might take six weeks or more to improve skin’s appearance, some studies have found that anti-wrinkle HA serums and eye creams can sometimes start to work within just two to four weeks of use. For more substantial anti-aging results, dermatologists now use prescription injections or formulas containing hyaluronic acids (including Juvéderm Ultra Plus or Allergan) over the course of several months to reduce lip and eye sagginess.

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There are benefits to wearing Fit Bit Watches as opposed to other fashionable/exercise type watches.

When it comes to technology, everything around seems to be becoming smarter. Our phones, our TVs, and now our watches serve similar purposes as they used to, but with the added twist of being connected to the Internet, allowing for capabilities once only dreamed about. While wearable technology is still in its early days, if you haven’t yet jumped on the fitness band/smart watch wagon, now might be a good time to for these reasons.

There’s an Incentive to Stay Active

Perhaps the biggest selling feature of wearables–and especially fitness bands like the Fitbit and Misfit trackers–is that they give you that extra push to get out and get exercising. Not only can these devices count your steps like an old-fashioned pedometer, but they can also give you in-depth insights into other data points, like distances travelled and estimated calories lost. That means you can plan and stick to your fitness goals a bit easier. Plus, if you have friends that have compatible devices, you can compare your daily or weekly progress, which might just be the deciding factor on whether you go to the gym that day.

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Even though the FDA has asked makers of antibacterial soaps and body washes to prove the products are both safe and effective long-term, the products won’t disappear from store shelves — at least not at the moment.

The FDA’s request is a proposed rule. That means makers can still sell their products while they give the FDA the information it requested.

Here’s what else you may want to know about the FDA’s action.

The FDA’s proposed rule covers only antibacterial hand soaps and body washes. The active ingredients include triclosan in liquid soaps and triclocarban in bar soaps.

Under the proposed rule, the makers of these products have to show they are safe for long-term, daily use. They must also prove they work better than soap and water to prevent illness and the spread of certain infections.

Most of these products are labeled as ”antibacterial” or “antimicrobial.” They are sold over the counter.

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