Wound Care has made rapid advances over the last 25 years and with increase in the understanding of the biology of chronic non-healing wounds, this advancement is likely to continue. In the rush to utilize the newer wound treatments, clinicians should not neglect the basics of good wound care if they want to derive maximum benefits from these evolving technologies and therapies. Clear guidelines focussing on the principles of effective wound bed preparation have been laid and they have to be followed to ensure effective patient outcome with the use of newer wound care products. [Table 3]

Dressing selection depends on the practitioner’s skilled assessment of the wound and his knowledge of how to provide this optimum wound healing environment through the use of modern interactive dressings. The plethora of wound care products in the market has resulted in practitioner’s using a combination of products, which may make the treatment very expensive. However, even if a certain dressing is expensive but promotes wound healing rapidly leading to the desired clinical results, it can be judged to be cost effective.

Author: John Sangiuolo

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