Arch support is a term being used a lot in runners community.

Try shopping for a running shoe and you will be advised to determine your foot type. Know if you have an abnormally high or low arch. See if you tend to overpronate or underpronate and choose a shoe accordingly.

People with flat feet should get motion control shoes.

People with high arch should look for more balance or cushion.

People with normal arch but moderate pronation should go for stability shoes.

This sounds like science and we are duly impressed.

Besides, anything that promises lower injury risk, better performance, or running economy will catch our attention.

Pros – Findings & arguments in favor of arch support

  • Motion control shoes can help reduce pronation (even though it is a small 2% improvement)
  • Feet with normal arch absorb the shock better than high arches
  • Orthotic device can help high arches with shock absorption
  • Othotics result in better posture and stability for clinical population. However, it made little or no difference for the healthy population.
  • Vibrating insoles have shown improvement in balance and agility for athletes
  • Over pronation can result in a relatively high injury rates in the leg and foot region

Author: John Sangiuolo

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