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Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, MD, FFARCSI

What Is A Wrist Brace?

Wrist Supports  are garments that can be used to treat as well as prevent injury by providing enhanced stability to the joint. A wrist brace is a garment that is worn around the wrist so as to protect it during strong or overuse of the wrist or for allowing the wrist to heal from injury. In fact wrist braces are common accessories in injury rehabilitation processes, affecting the wrist. They immobilize the wrist joint and provide heat and compression to the wrist bones and the ligaments.

Wrist braces are made of a rigid tissue nylon fabric, or neoprene that allows restricted mobility of the hand and wrist and are generally fixed with velcro. You need to use a wrist brace if you experience numbness, pain in the hand or wrist, or if you have weak or injured wrist, suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or if you have bent wrist during sleeping.

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