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1/11     Activewear for women and their workouts are a major part of fitness success. Here are some tips .

Even if you have a whole drawer full of trendy leggings, chances are, there’s one pair you’ll dig through them all to find. You know the pair that’s survived all your barre, bootcamp, can yoga classes—and are comfy enough to lounge around in for hours before or after?

We asked Well+Good readers to reveal their very favorite, most dependable pair, and the answers were passionate. (People have feelings when it comes to leggings.) Rounded up here are the brands that got the most praise, from the 100-plus responses.

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Nose strips “work” like a band-aid, as each strip is coated with a strong adhesive. Set one on your nose, wait a few minutes, and rip it away to magically reveal all the little blackheads you didn’t even know you had. While it’s true you are in fact successfully removing pieces of blackhead junk from your nose, the strips do nothing to actually treat and reduce blackheads from recurring. Swap out T-Swift’s “band-aids don’t fix bullet holes” with “band-aids don’t fix black headsssss” and you get the idea.

According to Delirious Ideas, whether pore strips actually work has a lot to do with how you use them. If you’re sticking them on without wetting your nose with hot water or not getting them in all of the creases of your nose, it likely won’t work. However, if you follow the directions correctly, there’s a good chance those blackheads will come off when your take them off.

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